IaaS - Storage Servers

Maximised space to store and back up your data

Servers with more disk space for storing high volumes of data, archiving, or performing backups. Choose servers based on the most efficient and durable disks. Our Storage range consists of servers with a variety of storage capacity options and write speeds, to cover all uses.

Choose dedicated, guaranteed resources to optimize the availability of your data.

 You can to upgrade RAM and storage at the checkout process, please, select only 1 item for memory and 1 item for storage.

The advantages of Storage servers

High storage capacity

We optimize the disk space on our dedicated servers, to give you the best price-storage ratio. You can choose from a wide range of SATA, SSD and NVMe disks. Add disks to suit your needs with no impact on production, and store up to 500TB of data.

High availability

Hot swapping is replacing a deficient drive, or one that needs to be removed from the server, without service interruption. This is essential for high-availability architectures.


Along with its high storage capacity, the Storage range uses the EnNube private network (vRack) by default(1). With vRack, you can connect your EnNube products (dedicated servers, VPS, Public Cloud instances) in a secure network, regardless of which EnNube datacentres they are hosted in.