Long-term storage to securely archive your data

Long-term storage to securely archive your data

Whether it’s for business needs or other obligations, long-term data retention is often a necessity. Two points are important here: the cost of storage, which must be reduced, and data security and recovery, which must be guaranteed. The EnNube Long Term Storage solution has been designed with this in mind.

data tape
Secure and reliable

The archived data is treated with the greatest of care. Each file is fragmented and replicated on a redundant infrastructure. Each fragment is written on a different storage device, with a system to constantly ensure the integrity of the information. If a missing fragment is ever detected, it is automatically reconstructed by a specific algorithm, using the other parts of the file.

Reversible, based on industry standards

EnNube places great value in the freedom of its users. When you entrust us with your data, we guarantee you will always be able to recover it via standard, easy-to-use protocols, such as SCP or rsync.

Reduced cost

The storage clusters that host Long Term Storage are designed to secure your information at the best possible price. The architecture offers data recovery time ranging from 10 minutes to 12 hours, depending on the last access date.


Our cloud infrastructures and services are ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018 and 27701 certified. With our health data hosting compliance*, you can host French healthcare data securely.

Long Term Storage is FREE** throughout the Beta phase.

This table only applies to tape archiving costs.

For prices applicable to intermediate storage and traffic with Standard Object Storage, please refer to this section.

*A 7% discount is applied for data volumes greater than 3PB.

The Cold Archive solution is billed according to the archive space (on magnetic tapes) and Object Storage space used, with a granularity of 1GB.

For optimal readability, the price is displayed per GB/month — but since there are 720 hours in an average month, the billing granularity is per GB/hour.

The minimum archive duration is 180 days. If an archive is deleted before this commitment period (with ‘date’ being between 0 and 180 days), the customer will be charged an additional fee, calculated as follows: (180 days - date) x storage class price.

It is possible to launch a container archive with less than 1TB of data, but the archiving action will be billed at the price of 1TB.

*Offer valid subject to available stock and personal quotas.